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Bluchic – Dorothy Theme

Several people have asked me about how I designed my website and I thought I’d finally write about it. is built on WordPress via the Bluchic “Dorothy” theme. I made some minor template changes and built custom portfolio pages as the foundation – rather than leveraging the site as a straight-forward blog. I wanted complete control for my portfolio – but I didn’t want to turn into a programmer either! I learned a few tricks along the way – but that’s only because I wanted to push my site beyond the standard template. The BluChic theme made it super easy for me to explore custom layouts.

I’ve built four sites with Bluchic themes – for client projects and my own personal projects.

If you’re looking for an elegant and contemporary website template, these folks have a great catalog to choose from. The Bluchic themes are also super easy to install and customize. I wanted to create a unique portfolio site (eh hem, with very little programming experience), so it was important that customization was easy. Also, it was crucial that my sites were responsive across all platforms. It only took me an afternoon to figure out how to customize my sites! I specifically like that the theme designs don’t compete with my content. I’ve tried several other random themes over the years and I finally realized that my content was getting watered down because the theme design was shouting for attention. I needed something beautiful, but not overpowering, something that had character, but didn’t compete with the core content. I discovered the “Dorothy” theme several years ago for Steamed Artichoke Studio and I don’t plan on changing my site anytime soon. *I’ve also used the Jacqueline theme

Things to consider when purchasing a WordPress theme:

-Make sure the theme comes from a reputable group

-Make sure it’s responsive

-Cost: I suggest a one-time purchase price (you don’t want to keep paying a fee year after year)

-Make sure the theme is a visual match for your content

-Make sure the theme supports your business needs (social, ads, email field, side bar, comments, search field, SEO, etc.)

-Make sure the theme developers have great customer support – especially if you’re new to the WordPress experience.

-Have fun – you’re going to be in complete control of your site and it’s totally liberating – no more generic templates

Check out the some of the Bluchic themes here.